Buddha Beads Drill

Buddha Beads Drill

Buddha Beads Drill

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Buddha Beads Drill


Roll up your sleeves and create your own Buddha beads!

Drill smooth spheres with the Wooden Beads Making Kit! This carves perfect rounded beads out of any piece of wood. Design your own jewelry, DIY handicrafts, home decors and more!

Design your own jewelry, DIY handicrafts, home decors and more!

Main Features

    Woodworking lock mill cutter is specially designed for portable or desktop woodworking engraving machine.
    The cutter can cut the smooth surface of hardwood, softwood, composite, board and other materials, and it is more smooth to cut without burrs or burrs. Wide range of applications, such as factory building materials, home shops, carpentry enthusiasts.
    The blade is made of high-quality hard alloy and carefully designed, developed and tested repeatedly, which not only improves the service efficiency but also significantly improves the durability and noise reduction. The hilt is made of hard 45 steel. The spiral design is wear-resistant and not aging.
    New spray coating, wave resistance to high temperature, corrosion and other features, extended service life.

Usage Scenarios

  • Applicable for cutting all types of hardwood making, woodworking Buddha beads.

Using Methods


  • Blade: Cemented carbide
  • Knife handle: Hard 45 steel
  • 10*6mm
  • 10*8 mm
  • 10*10mm
  • 10*14mm
  • 10*15mm
  • 10*25mm
Package Contents
    • 10*6mm(1 Package Included)
    • Buddha Beads Knife × 2
    • 10*8 mm(1 Package Included)
    • Buddha Beads Knife × 2
    • 10*10mm(1 Package Included)
    • Buddha Beads Knife × 2
    • 10*14mm(1 Package Included)
    • Buddha Beads Knife × 2
    • 10*15mm(1 Package Included)
    • Buddha Beads Knife × 2
    • 10*25mm(1 Package Included)
    • Buddha Beads Knife × 1
Product Size


  • Cutting tools can produce a smooth surface for wood such as hardwood, softwood, and synthetic board, but should avoid processing metal materials such as copper and iron as well as non-wood materials such as sand and stone.
  • Make sure to use the clamping sleeve of appropriate size, because it is worn seriously, not round enough and with the taper of the inner bore cannot provide enough clamping strength, which leads to vibration or fly off when the blade handle is broken.
  • Never assume that the new jacket is safe and reliable. When uneven contact marks or grooves are found in the handle part after clamping, slip situation and inner hole deformation of the clamp should be replaced immediately to avoid accidents.
  • Due to manual measurements, please allow slight measurement deviations.
  • Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color displayed on the picture.


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